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Google for Education

Starting July 11th Liberty Pubic Schools will be changing the Google domain address from to


As a result staff and students will need to use the address to sign in to their Google account.


As soon as the change is made you will need to authenticate to your Google account to gain access to your documents.

  1. If you logon after July 11 it should automatically have the new domain with the and you will use your normal password to logon.
  2. If you are already logged on and try and access a document immediately after the change a pop up will show up asking you to log in. The easiest thing to do is to quit your browser and relaunch.
  3. Contact the help desk with any issues.

Please note the following with this change:

  • The previous email address of is still functional and any mail sent to that address will be delivered.
  • The password will remain the same

  • Staff have previously set up forwarding to their address, will not need to set up again

  • Shared folders and documents will still be shared

  • No changes should need to be made to Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, G+, Calendar, Groups, Contacts, Photos and YouTube

  • Google sites will need to be migrated to the new domain of Once we move all staff and student accounts we will run a process to remove the and add the Anyone who has bookmarked your sites will need to bookmark them again as the site address will change.

Anyone who has bookmarked your sites will need to bookmark them again as the site address will change.


You can always verify what you are logged in as by clicking on your image or icon.

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