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Email Basics

Welcome Gmail


Starting in July 2017, Liberty Public Schools will be transitioning from Outlook to Gmail. 



Click here to complete lessons 1-5 to familiarize yourself with Google mail. Notifications lesson.


Click here to view a table showing the differences between Outlook and Google email.


Click here to view a Gmail cheat sheet.

Google Calendar


Click here to complete lessons 1-5 to familiarize yourself with Google Calendar.


Click here to view a table showing the differences between Outlook and Google calendars.


Click here to view a calendar cheat sheet.

Google Contacts



Click here to view lesson on editing and deleting contacts.

Click here to view lesson on contact groups and distribution lists.


Google Inbox - Optional


Click here to complete lessons 1-4 to familiarize yourself with Google Inbox.

Click here to view a table showing the differences between Outlook and Google Inbox.

Click here to view a table showing the differences between Gmail and Google Inbox.

Click here to view an Inbox cheat sheet.


Inbox by Gmail was created to help reinvent the way you get things done and it is their next generation email client. However, note that Inbox is in beta and it is not meant to match Gmail feature for feature, so some traditional features (for example, setting up an out of office reply) are not available in Inbox at this time.

Inbox was built by the Gmail team to give you a new way to stay organized. Everything from Gmail (your emails, contacts, and labels) is available in Inbox. Gmail and Inbox stay in sync so what you do in one app carries over to the other. Gmail and Inbox have many of the same features, but there are differences. To get the most out of Inbox, try to use it for all your email. You can always switch back to Gmail if you want to.

To access Google Inbox logon at

Support article. 

Outlook Web Mail

When logging into web mail you must use your full email address in the username field. For example is a complete email address. The link is  

Email Spam Filter - For Outlook Only

Staff receive a summary of what email has been routed to their quarantine (spam/junk) folder on a weekly basis. This summary email will also provide individual links to release any email into the users inbox.


You can review the contents of your quarantine (spam/junk) folder at any time by logging in with your district email and password at:


Why are we changing from Outlook to Gmail?

To allow all students and staff to be on one single platform.

How will I be trained?

We will offer both online and face-to-face options. Online is available now. We will have face-to-face training options during the summer and their will be a training during pre-service for those who still need help. To sign up for a summer session, please click here (coming soon).

When will the change happen?

Final transfer will occur on Friday, July 7 at 5:00 pm. At this time all mail will be delivered to

Will I lose any content?

No, all of your current email (including existing email folder structure), contacts and calendar items will be migrated to the new platform.

What happens to email that is sent to my old account? 

Forwarding will be automatically turned on so that any email being sent to will be sent to Forwarding will occur as long as it is activated by the Technology Department. 

What happens to third party programs that I am using my current account with? 

You will need to update your account information with your new email address. 

When will my content be migrated?

Older content will start to be migrated in early June with a final migration during the weekend of July 7.

Will my old Outlook account be deleted? 

No, you will be able to access your Outlook account for at least one year via webmail at You will be able to log in but you will not be able to send or receive mail. Please remember you will log on with your existing username and password.

What happens to content that I have in my current Google account?

Any email, contacts or calendar items you have in your current account will not be deleted. All content that is migrated from your Outlook account will be merged with the content in your account which ultimately becomes your account. NOTE: If you are not deleting email that is forwarded from your Google account to your Outlook account, all of that email will be duplicated when it is migrated to your Google account. If you have questions about this please contact the Help Desk. 

If I have a shared calendar in Outlook will I need to share my calendar again? 

Yes, any current calendar sharing will be broken during the migration. You will need to setup calendar sharing again once the migration is complete. 

Other than functionality, is there anything I need to be aware of?

Yes, the following differences exist between Outlook and Google. LPS does not have control of these settings.

  • Google will automatically delete email in the Trash and Spam folders after they are 30 days old. To keep email from being deleted you will need to select "Archive" or move the mail into a different folder (tag). Archived email shows up in the "All Mail" folder within your Google inbox. 
  • Any email in your Outlook trash folder that you want to keep should be migrated to a new folder within outlook by July 7.
  • If you have a folder titled "Archive" in the root of your Outlook inbox,  the content of the folder will not migrate over to Google. You will need to rename the folder to something other than just "Archive". This is due to Google already having an Archive folder within its system. If you have a folder in Outlook titled Archive you will need to rename it before July 7. NOTE: This does not apply to the Outlook Archive folder that is outside of your inbox. If you use the Archive feature or have a folder titled Archive in Outlook and have questions, please contact the help desk.
  • Take a few minutes to review this small but very informative Google FAQ list.