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Email Basics

Outlook Web Mail

You can access your email through Outlook on a district computer or by going to and clicking on "For Staff," then, "Webmail" when using a non-district computer. When logging into web mail you must use your full email address in the username field. For example is a complete email address.  


Direct link to web mail access

Forwarding Google Mail

Forwarding Google Mail to Outlook

Currently staff members utilize Outlook as their main email program while students utilize Google. The District provides staff members with Google accounts in order to use Google Docs and other Google programs.
For students, they will be able to view the teacher Google accounts and select them when sending emails. As a result staff members will need to setup forwarding so that the emails will automatically go to their Outlook account and not have to check two email accounts.

Please follow the steps below to forward Gmail to Outlook.

  1. Log into your District Google account and go to the mail program
  2. Click on this link and select "Automatically forward incoming emails to another account". 

Email Spam Filter

Staff receive a summary of what email has been routed to their quarantine (spam/junk) folder on a weekly basis. This summary email will also provide individual links to release any email into the users inbox.


You can review the contents of your quarantine (spam/junk) folder at any time by logging in with your district email and password at:


Clutter is a feature in Outlook that will move low priority messages to a "Clutter" folder for you to view at a later time. To learn how to modify Clutter or turn it off and on for the Mac or PC view the following tutorial.